Episode 42: News & Updates

It’s been a while since we had a News & Updates episode, and obviously, the Google Maps team has not been sitting around idly all that time – which means it’s high time to check out again what new features have been introduced (or spotted as preview) in Google Maps and what’s new in the local guides community.


One thought on “Episode 42: News & Updates

  1. Hey Jan,
    Wow this is an amazing podcast and thank you for keeping this updated from time to time. I know it requires lots of effort but it’s worth it. Sorry I missed out on following it up. I was following up sometime ago but life gets busier,activities as local guides my own initiatives etc. Will try to get back on TRAC now.
    I liked that one you did of the various CM épisode 38 in May 2022. It was cool and inspiring as well. Permit me to say,that this is a special version seeing you included my TRAC event (Lol). Thanks for participating in the event despite your busy schedule. That your post on annoying Zero is going places I tell you 😅😅😅. Thank you Jan.
    Interesting that ErmesT Morten Justjake Terry etc were mentioned here as well. Game over,done listening !!! Thank you
    Happy podcasting and guiding


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