Episode 20: Fun Facts

Unlike most episodes, this one does not focus on 1 specific topic, but is rather a collection of fun facts I have gathered along the way while being active as local guide. Some of those are, no doubt, things that at least some of you will already know, but others I am revealing here for the very first time.







Jan Van Haver 0:05
Hello, and welcome to the LetsGuide Podcast, the ultimate podcast for Google Local Guides. Today is another milestone for LetsGuide Podcast as we’ve now reached 20 episodes and still going strong, if I may say so myself. Unlike most episodes, today’s episode is not one that focuses on one specific topic, but rather it’s a collection of fun facts, things I’ve gathered along the way while being active as a local guide. Some of those are no doubt things that, to at least some of you, will already be known, but other fun facts I am revealing here and now for the very first time

Jan Van Haver 0:49
As usual, before beginning, I want to emphasize that I’m not an official representative of Google or the Local Guides team. I’m just a local guide like most of you. Things I’m telling in this podcast are therefore my personal interpretation. The recording date of this episode is the middle of March 2020 and it is therefore describing the situation as it is today – but that is constantly changing, especially these days. So if you might be listening at a later point in time, things might have changed. Continue reading “Episode 20: Fun Facts”