Episode 6: Breaking the Rules

What happens if you break the rules set by Google? Should you care about that? This episode covers the main issues that can bring Local Guides into trouble – no matter if they are breaking the rules on purpose or by accident.


9 thoughts on “Episode 6: Breaking the Rules

  1. Jan, very thorough presentation. Content was informative and interesting. As usual, your diction and pacing make understanding very easy and pleasurable. Keep up the good work. Bless you for your efforts. Koby


    1. I can only advice you to listen carefully to this episode and then remove or adapt e.g. the very short reviews you have published. As you do not share the pictures you have uploaded, I can’t see if there is any potential issue with those.


    1. The biggest problem I notice is that your pictures look more like a ‘family photo album’ (pics of yourself and your family?), not like pictures of places on Google Maps.


      1. Hello
        I understand now but I want to help people more I visit many country every year
        Help make me happy.
        So if you can help me to be Continue


      2. Helping is always great 🙂 Just remember to only add information about the places on Google maps, so pictures of buildings, food, etc, not pictures of people. And make sure to avoid doubles.


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